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Isbae U Biography: Age, Girlfriend, Real Name, Comedy, Father, Wife, Net Worth, Parents, Siblings, State of Origin, House, Education

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In the world of comedy and skit making, one name that stands out in Nigeria is Isbae U. Born Adebayo Ridwan Abidemi on April 5, 1995, in Lagos, Isbae U has established himself as a popular comedian, actor, content creator, and skit maker. With his incredible sense of humor and funny content, he has captivated audiences across Nigeria and beyond. Let’s delve into the life and career of this talented individual.

Early Life and Education:

Isbae U was born and raised in Lagos, where he received his education before venturing into comedy. He is the son of Kamal Adebayo, a well-known Nigerian actor. Growing up, Isbae U discovered his passion for comedy and would often entertain his siblings with his jokes. His upbringing in Lagos, a vibrant and culturally diverse city, likely influenced his comedic style.


Isbae U began his career by creating and sharing comedy skits on social media platforms, which quickly gained him a considerable following. However, his breakthrough came in 2019 when he collaborated with the renowned Nigerian comedian, Mr. Macaroni, in a comedy skit that went viral. This collaboration propelled Isbae U into the limelight and solidified his position as a sought-after skit maker in Nigeria.

Since then, Isbae U has worked with several notable comedians and skit makers, including Sydney Talker, BrainJotter, MC Lively, Nasty Blaq, and Broda Shaggi, among others. His ability to captivate audiences with his humor and relatable content has made him a favorite among fans of Nigerian comedy.

Personal Life:

In his personal life, Isbae U prefers to keep his relationships private. Although he is not married and does not have any children, rumors suggest that he is in a relationship with fellow comedian and content creator, Kemz Mama. However, Isbae U has chosen not to disclose his current girlfriend’s identity, respecting his desire for privacy.

Net Worth:

Isbae U’s talent and hard work have paid off, and he has accumulated an estimated net worth of $300,000. His success can be attributed to the popularity of his comedy skits on YouTube and his involvement in directing advertisements for his comedy videos. Isbae U’s ability to engage and entertain his audience has undoubtedly contributed to his financial prosperity.

Social Media Presence:

Isbae U understands the importance of social media in expanding his reach and connecting with his fans. He actively maintains an Instagram account (@isbae_u) and a Twitter account (@isbae_u). Through these platforms, he shares his latest comedy skits, interacts with his followers, and keeps them updated on his upcoming projects.


Isbae U, born Adebayo Ridwan Abidemi, is a Nigerian comedian, actor, content creator, and skit maker who has made a significant impact on the comedy scene in Nigeria. His ability to generate laughter through his hilarious skits and relatable content has garnered him a massive following and established him as one of Nigeria’s most sought-after comedians. With his talent, creativity, and dedication, Isbae U is sure to continue entertaining audiences and bringing smiles to people’s faces for years to come.

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