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How To Start A Solar Energy Installation Business In Zimbabwe

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Starting a solar energy installation business in Zimbabwe has tremendous potentials most especially for the developing solar energy industry.
Because of the epileptic power supply, this business is doom to flourish.
Zimbabwe lies between a high sunshine belt and thus, has enormous solar potentials. The nation is endowed with an annual average daily sunshine of 6.25 hours, ranging between about 2.5 hours at the coastal areas and 9.0 hours at the far northern boundary.
Similarly, the country has an annual average daily solar radiation of about 5.25 KW/m2/day. This varies between about 3.5KW/m2/day at the coastal areas and 7.0KW/m2/day at the northern boundary.
The country receives about 4.851*1012KWh of energy per day from the sun. This is equivalent to about 1.082 million tons of oil equivalent per day. Wow you might say! so much potential in the industry.
The economic benefits of solar energy are as follows:
It provides a constant and superior lighting at minimum cost compared with other energy generators.
Solar energy helps to create enhanced direct and indirect employment opportunities.
Solar energy assists in conserving the nation’s foreign exchange. This is because some of the earnings from export which would otherwise have been spent on importation of various spare parts of power generators would then be saved.
Moreover, the money so saved can be deployed to other sectors like health and education that require attention.
Here is a detailed guide to successfully set up a solar energy installation business in Zimbabwe;
Are you looking to start your own business in the growing solar field?
Solar is one of the hottest businesses around and with the growth in alternative energy, this permanent trend is going to continue. But starting a solar panel installation business will not be an easy task but it is sure lucrative.
Substantial capital is required to successfully set up a solar energy installation business, the capital cost of starting a small-scale Solar energy installation business will cover installation training and certification, necessary tools, business registration and insurance, marketing.
Basic knowledge in solar energy is required to be a successful technician in solar energy installation, hence certification in solar energy installation is important and should be undertaken by any one interested in establishing a business in solar energy, basic knowledge in solar installations, construction, inverter installation, wiring, rooftop installations of panels is a must have requirement and identifies you as a professional.
Secure the necessary business license though your county or municipality and obtain a tax identification number from the Internal Revenue Service if you intend to hire employees and technicians.
Starting up a solar energy installation business is an option you should seriously consider by registering as a limited liability company with the corporate affairs commission and necessary regulatory bodies.
Also registering the business name and opening a corporate account gives your company a professional view among end users.
Part of running a business is figuring out how to balance all the different aspects of your work and that means that you’re constantly running numerous projects, meeting with clients and then and installing solar panels.
Because all instances involve a level of risk where someone could get injured or something could go wrong, you need to make sure you’re protected if the unexpected happens.
The insurance you need to consider may include, Personnel compensation coverage, Liability Insurance cover.
Solar energy is one of the alternatives to fossil fuel and its being developed and its potential contribution great.
The possible utilization of solar energy for heating and cooling of public, commercial and residential buildings has gained considerable attention and support across the world.
When you have successfully set up a solar energy installation business, there is the need to interact and connect with solar energy panels suppliers, offering them your installation and after services
You as the installer is a final manufacturer of the system. You are the system designer.
It is your duty to take a number of components, frequently from different manufacturers, and assembles them into a system for your customers, hence having a network of suppliers’ to get solar panel equipment for installation is important.
Just as a mechanic needs special tools to work, there are various tools available to solar energy installers who strive for successful installations of solar systems for their customers.
The roofing type on a building have unique characteristics that require specific tools to install solar panels on it. The number of technicians you need for your business will depend on the scale and size at which you started.
Safety equipment tops the list as the most important set of tools you will need as a solar panel installer.
This collection includes a rope and harness, safety glasses, gloves, earplugs, boots, hard hats, ladders, cordless drill and impact driver, drill bits, sockets, a utility knife, should take care of most solar panel installs.
Advertise your services in local newspapers and social media channels Post flyers at electrical sores and supplier’s, once your business starts, you’ll be able to cut back on advertising as more and more of your clients begin coming through referrals.
Demand for solar energy is on the rise. Due to increasing concerns over global warming and a desire to reduce energy costs and personal carbon emissions, an ever-increasing number of consumers are weighing solar power as a serious option.
Getting a solid customer base is essential in the solar panel installation industry.
Basically the only way to get customers for your solar installation business is to go out and explain the benefits of solar energy and show potential customers features and benefits of different systems in their homes and for their businesses.

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