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How To Start A Fast Food Restaurant Business In Ghana

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You will agree with us that the fast food restaurant business is one of the most lucrative businesses in any country.
This is because, food is a necessity and at such no one can do without it.
Fast food restaurant business have become very popular in Ghana because of the quick nature of their services and varieties in food menu.
A lot of local restaurants are upgrading to become fast food restaurants by the day.
Fast food restaurants, otherwise known as quick service restaurants (QSR) or eatery, are specific food outlets that specialize in the fast and efficient preparation of foods that are always ready for take out at an affordable price.
They also provide seating arrangements for customers who want to eat their food in the restaurant.
Like the name implies, one of the benefits of fast food restaurants is that, it is fast and efficient.
This means that people can get food on-the-go, without wasting time and the food can be packed and ready for takeout at any time. It is convenient and affordable.
You don’t have to go through the stress of preparing your own meal if you don’t want to, all you need to do is locate the nearest fast food restaurant, and you can get varieties of food that you may not even be able to prepare by yourself at home.
People working at a far distance have to leave their homes very early in the morning and by this time they cannot do any cooking of their own, they resort to buying food from fast food restaurants, which is a plus for you as a business man or woman.
Running a fast food restaurant business in a strategic location will boost patronage and grow your business exponentially.
How To Start A Fast Food Restaurant Business In Ghana
The following are some of the things you need to
do when setting up a fast food restaurant in Ghana:
Draw Your Business Plan
Everyone knows that the first thing to do when starting any
business is to plan, and fast food restaurant business is
not an exception.
A business plan is like a to-do-list,
where you have all the steps you want to take in starting
your business written down.
Your business plan will include where you want your
business to be located, which should be somewhere open,
easily accessible and spacious.
You must also make the
location accommodating and comfortable for your
Nobody wants to eat in an uncomfortable
Good sitting arrangements, entertainment
facilities like flat screen TVs connected to cable networks,
Air conditioners (AC) at all angles of the restaurant to keep
the atmosphere conducive, these are some of the measures
you can use in making your restaurant conducive for your
When you have considered the cost of putting all the
measures discussed above in place with estimates of how
much you will be needing to start the business
This will bring you to the next question, which is;
how much capital you will need for the business and how
do you intend to get it? You are lucky if you already have
enough money to cover the start-up costs, but it is always
advisable to play it safe by sourcing for more funds, either
by obtaining loans from banks or borrowing from friends
and family.
This is to ensure that whatever miscellaneous
expenditures that may arise along the line are sufficiently
covered for.
You can choose to register as a business enterprise or as a
limited liability company with the corporate affairs
Buy a Popular Fast Food Franchise
Buying a franchise is one of the best ways to become an
In Ghana here, most of the successful fast
food brands are franchises.
You might want to ask what a
franchise is, a franchise is a legally binding agreement
between two independent parties (franchisor and
franchisee), in which the franchisor authorizes the
franchisee to market a product/service in the trade name
and brand of the franchisor.
Buying a fast food franchise will make the business boom
quickly, unlike when you are running the business with your
own brand.
This is because, the brand you are buying a
franchise from is already renowned.
So, customers do not
need extra canvassing because they already know the
brand name and can easily relate with it.
Choose Your Style Of Service And Menu
If you are not buying a franchise, then it is important that
you choose your style of service.
What type of food will you
specialize in ?
Will you be making continental or local
dishes ?
Will it be a combination of local and continental
dishes with pastries and confectioneries ?
Whether you are buying a franchise or not, it is equally
important that you make a list of foods (menu) that will
always be available in your restaurant with their prices.
Employ Good Chefs And Staff
A good chef makes a great restaurant.
It’s not enough to
have a big brand name and a huge outlet, the cuisines have
to be up to standard and more.
Therefore, before employing
a chef, make sure that he is a great one and that he or she
has had training in the preparation of different types of food.
You also need to employ the service of attendants or
waiters and waitresses, depending on the style of service
you have chosen.
Ensure that you make varieties of food
available at all times.
Run a Take-out/Delivery Service
This is another way in which fast food restaurants in
Ghana are upping their game.
You don’t have to wait until
customers come to your outlet to purchase food, you can
as well take it to them.
This works well for bankers and
corporate entities, all your customers need to do is make
their order known to you and you can take the food to them
wherever they are.
You can also run a mobile outlet, where you have your
foods in a van that bears your brand name, going from one
place to the other.
It will help customers buy your
foods anywhere they find your mobile outlet without
necessarily having to come to where your business is
It is important to note that as much as the food business is
lucrative in Ghana, there are a lot of competition.
Therefore, after you have put all of the measures we have
discussed in place, you need continuous market research
and development to keep your business going in the right

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