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Henry Olymphant Biography: Age, Movies, Girlfriend, Father, Mother, Parents, Height, Wiki & Net Worth

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Today, we’re diving into the life of Henry Olymphant, a talented young American actor and the middle child of the renowned American actor, Timothy Olymphant. Born in California in 2001, Henry is a rising star in the making. Let’s learn more about this promising young talent and his journey so far.

Early Life and Education:

Henry Olymphant was born and raised in California to his parents, Timothy Olymphant and Alexis Knief. Growing up, he shared his childhood with his older sister, Grace Katherine, born in 1999, and his younger sister, Vivian Olyphant, born in 2003. Henry’s family played a significant role in nurturing his passion for acting from a young age.

Currently, Henry Olymphant resides with his parents and siblings, continuing his education in high school. Despite limited information about his early years, we can safely assume that Henry’s upbringing was filled with the love and support of his family.


While not much is known about Henry Olymphant’s career at this stage, it’s important to highlight his father’s achievements in the acting industry. Timothy Olymphant has graced various television shows and movies throughout his career, even earning an Emmy Award nomination for his role in the TV series “Justified.” As a member of a talented family, it’s highly likely that Henry will follow in his father’s footsteps and make a name for himself in the entertainment industry.

Family Life:

Henry Olymphant comes from a tight-knit family. His mother, Alexis Knief, is a dedicated stay-at-home mom who keeps the family grounded in their Los Angeles, California home. Timothy Olymphant and Alexis Knief met while they were both attending college, and they tied the knot in 1991 when Timothy was 23 and Alexis was 21 years old.

Personal Life and Future:

As a young and private individual, not much information about Henry Olymphant’s personal life is available to the public. He is currently focused on his education and resides with his parents, shaping his aspirations for the future. With his family’s support and his innate talent, Henry is poised to make significant strides in his acting career.


Henry Olymphant, born into a family deeply connected to the entertainment industry, has all the makings of a rising star. Although his journey is still in its early stages, his famous father’s legacy and the nurturing environment provided by his family are sure to propel him forward. We eagerly await to see what the future holds for this young American actor as he continues to chase his dreams with passion and dedication.

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