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Felicia Combs Biography: Age, Husband, Net Worth, Wikipedia, Instagram, Website, Birthday, Photos

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Felicia Combs is a well-known American meteorologist, social media influencer, and media personality who has worked with top television channels like Fox and KYTV. Born on May 27, 1989, in West Virginia, Central Florida, she grew up in Florida and attended the University of Central Florida in Orlando. Initially, she interned as a journalism intern but later found her passion for meteorology during her time with the station’s meteorologists. She then pursued a degree in applied science from Mississippi State University.

Felicia Combs started her career in 2011 as a morning meteorologist for NewsCentral (FOX24/ABC16) in Macon, Georgia. She covered the weather for WGXA Morning News on ABC16 and continued on Fox24 from 7 am to 9 am. She later worked as a meteorologist for KYTV in Kansas City and then joined WFLX FOX 29 in Florida. In 2019, she made a significant career advancement and started working for The Weather Channel, where she analyzed weather data, developed forecasts, and delivered them, specializing in hurricanes and severe weather.

Throughout her career, Felicia has gained nine years of expertise in meteorology and encountered various weather patterns, with Hurricane Matthew being a particularly memorable incident for her. She has a net worth of $550,000.

In her personal life, Felicia Combs prefers tropical climates, possibly due to her upbringing in Florida. She experienced the challenges of hurricane seasons firsthand and appreciates the fall season. She occasionally shares updates about her life on social media, expressing gratitude for her achievements and experiences, such as becoming an aunt and traveling to places like Thailand and Mexico.

You can find Felicia Combs on Instagram under the username “feliciacombs_”.

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