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Evodia Mogase Biography: Age, Husband, Net Worth, Baby, Married, Wedding Pictures, Wikipedia, Cars, Child

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Evodia Mogase, a well-known South African entrepreneur, producer, and TV personality, captured the hearts of many through her appearance on the iconic reality TV show, Real Housewives Of Johannesburg.

Evodia Mogase Early Life and Education

Born on November 17th in the vibrant Soweto township of Johannesburg, Evodia Mogase’s early years were spent in South Africa. Her family background was modest, with her father Rueben working as a salesman and her mother Louisa as a factory worker.

Showing a natural inclination for television, Evodia pursued her education at the respected University of Limpopo. She successfully earned a BA degree from the institution.

Evodia Mogase Career

After completing her studies, she became qualified to teach Biology. However, she found herself putting in more effort than the compensation she received. This prompted her to explore catering as an alternative.

Her catering journey brought remarkable achievements, highlighted by a substantial 5-year contract with Eskom. This success allowed her to build a strong personal brand and gain recognition, leading her to venture into other business areas, including becoming a promoter and reseller of Herbalife Products.

Evodia’s influence grew further when she became a prominent housemate on the reality TV show “Real Housewives of Johannesburg.” Her participation was driven by a desire to inspire and empower women.

Evodia Mogase Net Worth

Evodia Mogase’s estimated net worth is $600,000. She is a remarkable entrepreneur, producer, actress, and television personality.

Evodia Mogase Personal Life

In 2009, Evodia Mogase got married, but she decided to end the union due to her husband’s unfaithfulness.

As a mother, Evodia has two daughters named Marcy and Princess. Her older daughter, Mercy, pursued a degree in mechanical engineering and even appeared on the show “RHOJ” (Real Housewives of Johannesburg).

Evodia Mogase’s journey from a modest upbringing to becoming a successful entrepreneur and reality TV star is truly inspiring. Her determination and drive serve as a testament to the power of hard work and passion in achieving one’s dreams.

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