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Eva Alordiah Biography: Age, Album, Songs, Husband, Instagram, Boyfriend, Siblings, Parents, Net Worth

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Eva Alordiah, born on June 22, 1999, is a talented Nigerian rapper, entertainer, make-up artist, fashion designer, and entrepreneur. She found her passion for music at a young age and transformed it into a successful career. Let’s delve into her inspiring journey.

Early Life and Influences

Eva, whose real name is Elohor Eva Alordiah, was born in Abuja on August 13, 1989, to Nigerian parents from Delta State. Her mother’s love for vintage music exposed her to the world of melodies, sparking her affection for music. Icons like Michael Jackson, Bob Marley, Sade Adu, and more shaped her musical tastes from a young age.

Inspired by Eminem’s “Cleanin’ Out My Closet,” Eva decided to pursue a rap career. Throughout her childhood, she dabbled in various forms of art and was active in her school’s choir and drama club.

Pursuit of Education and Entrepreneurship

Eva’s early life was marked by moving around Nigeria before her family settled in Lagos. Despite being accepted to study Computer Science at the University of Bowen, Eva chose to put music on hold for her education. During her time at the university, she balanced her studies with entrepreneurial ventures, including selling used clothing. She had always been driven to be independent and had a flair for modeling and acting.

Emergence in the Music Scene

Eva’s music journey officially kicked off in 2009 when she collaborated with Tha Suspect on the track “I dey Play.” This song garnered attention and set her on a path of musical exploration. Eva’s distinctive style and versatility shone through her songs, whether she was covering existing tracks or crafting her originals.

Debut EP and Recognition

In 2011, Eva released her first body of work, the “GIGO EP” (Garbage in, Garbage Out). This independent project showcased her rap skills and original beats, gaining her a devoted fan base. The EP was supported by singles like “I Done Did It,” “Down Low,” “Garbage Out (Your Fada),” and “High.”

Continued Growth and Success

Eva’s music career progressed with singles like “Lights Out,” where she showcased her artistic versatility. She also became part of BBC Radio 1xtra’s Live Lounge alongside other prominent Nigerian artists. Notably, Eva became an ambassador for Guinness Nigeria’s Made of Black campaign.

Personal Life and Achievements

Eva’s personal life included a 15-month engagement that ended in 2016. Throughout her career, she received accolades, including winning the Female Rap Artiste of the Year award in 2011 and being nominated for various prestigious awards.


Eva Alordiah’s journey from a young girl enamored by music to a successful Nigerian rapper and entertainer is nothing short of inspiring. Her passion, talent, and dedication have led her to overcome challenges and make a significant mark in the music industry. You can follow her journey on Instagram (@evaxalordiah), Twitter (@evaalordiah), and Facebook (@evaxalordiah).

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