Eric Hartter – Everything you need to know about popular tattoo artist in US

Eric Hartter is a well-known tattoo artist. His prowess as a tattoo artist is well known in the field of art all across the United States, however, the date of his birth is not known.

Eric Hartter was born in the states, spending most of his childhood there with his family and siblings. Although he was born in a decent family, his needs were fulfilled with much ease.

The only reason for Eric Hartter’s fame is his daughter, Whitney Scott Matters, the adopted daughter of Eminem. Although he is a proud father of Whitney, his actions never helped his relationship with her. His drug dealings, falsifying testimony, resisting arrest, are some imperfect works of Eric Hartter.



Eric Hartter

Eric Hartter’s Wife

Eric Hartter dated the ex-wife of Eminem, Kim. After getting away from Eminem in 2001, Kim was supposedly in a relationship with Eric.

Both lovebirds started dating in 2001, and they were way too close. Their couple goals were mostly under the radar, but they had some good times until Eric got into trouble. Through their love, they had a daughter, Whitney Scott Mathers in 2002. Eric never had the chance to meet his daughter due to legal issues.

After dating for almost a year, Kim and Eric broke up. Kim later went back to Eminem and married in 2006.

Eric Hartter Net Worth

As a tattoo artist, Eric Hartter’s earnings from the tattoo work have been a good a one to keep him going but there is no information on how much he is worth


  1. For the author of this article. My brother Eric Hartter I was born January 22nd 1979. He was still taken away from us way too young but always was a good man, but like most of the people now days he had a dark past, that led him to making some horrible decesions. Noone is perfect but his past didnt make him a bad person. Before he passed on all he spoke about was thr changes he was so excited to make to change the life he once had. He had a very dark side. He tried to fight it for many years. He was a loving, caring, wore his heart on his sleeve type of man. He would have no issue giving you his last dollar in his pocket or even his T-shirt on off his back. Even if it left him with nothing. All of these articles, post, and news clippings of my brother made him look like he was a horrible monster. But in reality he wasn’t, nobody’s perfect, so what if he caught a couple cases over the years. That just makes him normal just like everybody else, you screw up, you learn from it and unfortunately he always turn to different ways of coping with stress related situations or bad situations. which brought him to his death. Losing my brother still feels like a nightmare that i wanna wake up from… Yes you are right. He haf a beautiful daughter with Kim that Marshall did wind up adopting because Eric knew he couldnt give her tge life that her step father could so he made the hardest decesion any parent woukd dread making. It doesn’t mean he love her any less. Doesn’t mean he gave up on her. He just did what was best for that little girl. After making that decision unfortunately even if you said he was okay he might have been on the outside but not inside he wasn’t it ate at him everyday. I know how that feels because I’ve been through it. It doesn’t make him a bad parent or horrible person. It just makes him a loving father knowing that he could never give her a life that he would want for her so he did what was best. All these people out there that painted this picture of him this monster for people that didn’t know him before his dark times during or after up until his last days. To whoever reads this comment do you have anything negative to say I don’t want to hear it I really don’t cuz I don’t care because I knew who my brother was on the inside and that’s who he was when he passed away. Not a day goes by that I don’t wish it was me instead of him. He was my best friend. And I love and miss him every day.
    R.I.H Eric Hartter 8-22-19
    Rest easy my brother until we meet again 🖤💙🖤

    • Hello Angela,
      We sincerely appreciate your comment on this topic and we sincerely apologize if there is anyway this article mispresent Eric in any way, we will be glad if you can feed us with more concrete information that will help us modify this article.
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