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Download:Celine Dion (1 heart) -Je t’aime encore mp3

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Celine Dion is a Canadian Singer, Song writer, and  Dancer that is renowned for her powerfully technically skilled vocals, and remain the best selling Canadian artist and one of the best selling artists of all time.

Download  track:Celine Dion (1 heart) – Je t’aime encore.





Lyrics of Celine DION (1 heart) – Je t’aime encore

Here the autumn ends bringing back the rain
The old Chevy’s dead they tried to fix it in vain
Elisa’s got her first teeth, little Jimmy is getting strong
I’m learning guitar I almost know a songI’ve found some chanterelle at the market this morning
I’d like to live in Rome, oh it would be such a good thing
Try to grow some flowers, the same I tried before
That’s all for now
Oh yes je t’aime encore 

But where are you
So far with no address
How’s life for you
My hope is my only caress

Finally cut my hair, I hear you say at last
It’s been kind of strange but you see I survived
When I’m asked I go out, I dance all night and more
But when I dance
Je t’aime encore
But where are you
So far with no address
How’s life for you
Time is my only caress

Je t’aime encore just like in an old fashioned song
And it burns in my soul, anything else seems too long
Oh more and more, as strong as I can be
Oui je t’aime encore
But you, you cannot hear me.

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