Download Samie Stunt – Copy & Paste Mp3

Download Samie Stunt – Copy & Paste Mp3

The fast-rising rapper’s 2021 campaign was a triumph. Copy and Paste is a single from his first EP “No Publicity Stunt,” and it’s out now.

Since the turn of the year, it’s been getting a lot of airtime on radio stations, and it’s also a favorite among elite DJ jockeys.

Samie Stunt decided to share the tune on blogs after his subtle digs at record companies and promoters, as well as statements that he makes fine music, drew a lot of attention online.

While there was some criticism aimed at the “My Truth” rapper, the bulk of his fans appeared to agree with his viewpoint. Is Samie Stunt truly a talented musician?

Listen to the music, download it, and let us know what you think in the comments area.


Listen to the following:-



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