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Daniella BBnaija Biography, Age, Real Name, Movies, Pictures, State Of Origin, Boyfriend, Husband, Net Worth, Social Media

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Biography of Daniella BBnaija

In This Article, You Are Going To Find Out Many Interesting Facts And Everything You Need To Know About BBN Star Daniella Peters: Her Biography, Wikipedia, Date Of Birth, Age, Tribe, Ethnicity, Accent, Birthday, State Of Origin, Family, Parents, Father, Mother, Education, Career, Movies, Boyfriend, Married, Husband, Height, Weight, Instagram, Tattoo, House, Car, Net Worth, Pictures, And Lots Of More


Real Full Name           Daniella Utangbe Peters

Stage Name     Daniella Peters

Date of Birth   September 27, 199

Age     22 Years Old

State of Origin            Cross River State

Nationality      Nigerian

Religion           Christianity

Parents (Father & Mother)      James Peters, Tera Peters

Husband, Spouse, Boyfriend  Not Married, Khalid

Occupation      Actress, Spoken Word Artist, Content Creator

Net Worth       $30,000


Daniella Peters BBN Biography and Wiki:

Who is Daniella? Her full name is Daniella Utangbe. Daniella, or Juli Peters, was born on September 27th, 1999, in Nigeria, and she is a model, actress, and content creator who performs spoken word. In show business, she goes by the name Daniella. She has a successful business and is a regular on reality television.

Daniello established the transportation and logistics firm D’errandz and serves as its chief executive officer. Following the reveal of the eight (8) housemates of Big Brother Naija’s seventh season, “Level Up,” Daniella rose to fame.

Of the twenty-six contestants in the reality show’s mansion, Daniella Peters is one of the ones everyone is pulling for. The chance to become Africa’s biggest reality TV star and walk away with 100 million nairas.


Daniella Peters BBN Date of Birth and Age:

How old is Daniella? When 2021 rolls around, Daniella Peters BBN will be 22 years old. She was born on September 27th, 1999. So, by the end of that year (September 2022), Daniella will have turned 23.

Daniella BBNaija Biography, Cars, Net worth, Social Media

Daniella Birthday:

When is Daniella’s birthday? On September 27th, Daniella Peters had her birthday. So September 27th, 2022, we will find the fantastic actress, spoken word artist, and content producer celebrating her 23rd birthday in the Big Brother Naija house.


Daniella Peters BBN State of Origin, Hometown:

Which state is Daniella from? Daniella was born in Cross River State, which is located in southwestern Nigeria, but she now calls Abuja home.


Daniella Tribe:

What ethnic group does Daniella belong to? Daniella’s hometown is Bantu, Obudu, and Cross River State in Nigeria. She is a member of the Bette tribe.


Daniella Religion:

What faith does Daniella practice? Daniella identifies as a Christian. She was raised by committed Christians who instilled in her deep confidence. However, her religious affiliation is still unknown.

Daniella BBNaija Biography, Net worth, Age Career, Relationship status

Daniella Peters BBN Family, Parents, and Siblings:

A baby girl came into the loving arms of Mr. and Mrs. James Peters, and they named her Daniella. Daniella Utangbe Juli Peters was the name her parents chose for her. They were born identical twins. Her identical twin is called Daniel Atabi Peters. They have an Albino sibling.

Besides her twin brother, she has three siblings an older brother, Innocent Peters, Roosevelt Aruku Peters, and a younger sister, Immanuella Peters who is also an albino. Their parents raised Daniella Peters and her siblings in the Christian faith. She was born and bred in Abuja, the Federal Capital Territory.


Daniella Peters Father:

Who is Daniella Peters father, name, and picture? Mr. James Peters, Daniella’s father, now resides in Abuja, Nigeria, but is originally from Obudu, Cross River state. Both Daniella and her dad


Daniella Peters Mother:

Mrs. Tera Peters is Daniella’s mom. She now resides in Abuja, where she works for Aso Radio and Television. James Peters is her husband at the moment.


Daniella Peters Siblings, Sisters/Brothers:

Besides her parents, Daniella Peters also has brothers and sisters. The Peters family has three siblings: Daniella, a brother, and a sister. She is the second of three children. Daniel Atabi Peters is Daniella’s identical twin brother’s name. In addition, Daniella has an older brother, Roosevelt Aruku Peters, and a younger sister, Emmanuelle Peters.


Daniella Peters Twin Brother:

Who is Daniella Peters’s twin brother? Daniel Atabi Peters, or “White Stone” as he’s called on Instagram, is Daniella’s albino twin brother. Danilo, or “Dani” to his pals, is a rising star in the worlds of hip hop and afrobeat. You may check out some images of Daniella’s albino twin brother.

Daniel Peters is the older brother of Daniella’s twins.

BBNaija Daniella Peters Biography: Boyfriend, Parents, Age, Net Worth,  State Of Origin, Siblings, Instagram, Wikipedia, Tribe, Family, Photos |  TheCityCeleb

Daniella Albino Sister:

Sister to Daniella alone A fellow albino and American fashion model, Immanuella Peters.


Daniella Known Albino Brothers:

Daniella has two non-albino elder brothers. Innocent and Roosevelt Peters are their names. Innocent Peters, Daniella’s brother served in the Nigerian soldiers.

A native of Oklahoma, United States, Roosevelt Peters is now the head soccer coach at Bacone College and has played professionally. He’s settled down with a family and seems content.


Daniella Peters BBN Educational Background:

After completing primary school at a prestigious private institution and earning her first diploma, Daniella Peters continued her studies at the Word of Faith Group of Schools in Abuja, Nigeria. She aced her high school finals in 2015 and graduated with honors.

Daniella completed post-secondary studies at EPS La Cite University in Cotonou, Benin Republic.


Her Career:

Daniella Peters, a reality star from the state of Cross Rivers, is a talented woman who excels in many areas of the arts. She participated in both the Drama and Literary Clubs while in high school.

Daniella Peters was active in the school community, appearing in many plays and competing in numerous debate tournaments. In addition, she spent her free time as a teenager practicing creative writing, which she found fascinating.

Daniella Peters has known since she was a teenager that she wanted to use her skills in the entertainment world. As a result, she took part in leading and supporting roles in student films. In addition, she has appeared in a few theatre productions in Nigeria and the Benin Republic.

After finishing college, she had the bright idea of trying for roles in movies produced in Nigeria’s Nollywood. Sometimes she got fortunate and got parts in low-budget films. While some movies have already been published to the public, others are still in the editing phase.

She also has remarkable poetry and spoken-word art career, in addition to her acting career. She is also the author of several spoken word poetry. The poet Daniella Peters has read her work at slams throughout Nigeria. She has also published recordings of several of her compositions on her online profiles. Her friends and fans reacted well to the spoken word videos, and the number of views and likes quickly increased.

In the same way, Daniella Peters has used her flair for writing to establish herself as a successful content producer. She has a freelancing career in Nigeria, producing material for various companies. She started a successful logistics firm named D’errandz. She has expanded the company from its humble beginnings to become a significant player in the Cotonou logistics industry.

Daniella Peters has volunteered for a wide variety of humanitarian organizations. She has visited both orphanages and jails as part of community feeding projects. But unfortunately, she had to say goodbye to her father when she was still tiny.

She has a devoted following since she is so fresh and unique. Those that support Daniella Peters are known as Dynamites.

Daniella Peters BBNaija: Biography, Age, Boyfriend, Net Worth, Twin, Tribe,  Siblings, Parents, BBN, Husband - Thenaijafame Blog

Daniella Peters BBN Career:

Daniella Peters tried out for the 2022 season of Big Brother Naija to further her profession as an artist and performer. Fortunately, she was chosen to be a part of the season seven cast of 26 housemates. On July 23rd, 2022, she was officially introduced as a competitor for the show’s Level Up Edition.

Poet, actress and singer Daniella Utangbe Peters has come clean about her commitment to maintaining a healthy body and mind via regular exercise. Also, she often takes on the “defender” position in discussions since she is so opposed to bullying and adamant about fair treatment for everyone.

Daniella is an outgoing, lively, and attentive person who thrives on making new connections. She is blessed with a large and loving family that includes her twin brother, five older brothers, and a younger sister. As a result, Daniella feels hopeful about love again after just ending a terrible relationship.

She responds, “Based on the study, and it would be my sensitivity,” when asked what she does that would bother her fellow Housemates. My awareness of both verbal and nonverbal cues is high. Even if I dislike it, my petty nature is a factor. I also tend to surprise people.

Daniella feels Big Brother Naija is the ideal platform to share her talents with the world.


Daniella Peters BBN Height and Weight:

The height of Daniella Peters. Daniella Peters is 5 feet, 7 inches tall, and weighs roughly 65 kg.


Daniella Peters BBN Relationship, Dating, Engagement:

Who are Daniella Peters dating, is she engaged? Who is she dating, and is she engaged? Before moving into Big Brother’s home, Daniella Peters was dating a good-looking guy.


Daniella and Khalid Dating/Relationship:

Are Daniella and Khalid dating? The poet and Khalid, another Level Up resident, have been linked in romantic rumours. When Khalid was put up for eviction on Monday, he and the woman were seen kissing on the live program. In addition, they are inseparable companions. In a live broadcast, Daniella and Khalid enjoyed themselves on the comforter.

Daniella, a contestant on the seventh season of Big Brother Naija, breaks down in tears and explains why she is so upset. She can’t keep it together even though she’s only been there a week. Daniella says to the other housemates that she is so embarrassed that she wants to leave the Big Brother Naija house because she is so disappointed in herself and has let down some of her followers.


Daniella Peters Boyfriend:

Who is Daniella Peters’s boyfriend? Despite being a member of the Big Brother Nation, Daniella Peters BBN has not uploaded photos of herself with her lover on any of her social media accounts, suggesting that she is not yet ready to expose his name.


Daniella Peters BBN Married, Marriage, Wedding, Pictures:

Is Daniella Peters married? Unfortunately, no photographs of Daniella Peters BBN’s wedding day are available online. Therefore, she is not married and has never had a traditional white wedding.


Daniella Peters Husband:

Who is Daniella Peters’s husband? So yet, Daniella Peters has not found a suitable guy to marry.


Daniella Peters Child, Children:

Daniella Peters does not have a child yet as she is yet to be married.

BBNaija Daniella's biography: age, state of origin, socials - Legit.ng

Daniella Peters BBN Net Worth:

Actress, poet, writer, and content creator Daniella Peters is a household name in the film and television industries. The sum of USD 30,000 is about what she is thought to be worth.


Daniella Peters House and Cars:

Before the reality program, Daniella Peters and her family lived in Abuja. However, she travels to Lagos from her home office in Abuja when necessary. Daniella Peters does not currently own a vehicle, but she plans to soon.


Daniella Peters Twitter Page:

As a Twitter user, Daniella Peters is quite present there. On Twitter, she goes by @DaniellaPetersU; you may follow her there.


Daniella Peters BBN Instagram Page:

Since entering Big Brother Naija’s home, Instagram user Daniella Peters has amassed a tremendous following. For anyone interested, Daniella’s Instagram handle is @daniellapeters official.


Daniella Peters BBN Phone Number:

Daniella doesn’t publicly share her phone number; thus, her WhatsApp is secure. Her social media links are up there, so feel free to reach out to her there.

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