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Cleaning Of Various Surfaces In The Home And Types Of Surfaces In The Home

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Surface are the surface areas opposing the ceiling, It is also important for you to have some knowledge of the various types of surface that are find in places like kitchen, toilet, bathroom, sitting and dinning room’s, hospital etc.
Types Of Surfaces In The Home
There different type of surfaces find in the home:
The common ones are;
1. Mud surfaces
2. Cement surfaces
3. Terrazzo surfaces
4. Tile surfaces
5. Wooden surfaces
Mud Surfaces: Where used in olden days, but nowadays only few have them as the name imply, Mud surfaces are made with special mud harden to withstand some friction.
Terrazzo Surfaces: These are hard Surfaces. They are especially installed. They give a top wearing surface which is hard. They are slippery especially when wet.
Tile Surfaces: Could be of different colours and designs. They are made of ceramic tubes installed to the floor adhesive. They are cool and easy to clean.
Cement Surfaces: Are common in most places. The surface is left plain and many a-times it is effected with floor paint, while some part of the surface will be covered with linoleum.
Wooden Surface: Good quality wood are one of the best materials use in making surfaces. Wood can be use to form parquet surfaces knowing as parquet surfaces are beautiful.

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