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Broda Shaggi Nigeria Councillor comedy video download

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Real name Samuel Animashaun Perry, known as Broda Shaggi just dropped off this video titled Nigerian Councillor as one of his 2021 Comedy Videos.

This Comedy Video Portrays the attitude of Nigerian Politicians towards their electorates – mainly focusing on the lifestyle of Nigerian Councillors and their under service to their constituents.

In the Video, a Nigerian Councillors car got stuck in a bad road he was supposed to have repaired- actually budgeted and embezzled the money thereafter, only to call for the help of Broda Shaggi after his car broke down in the bad road, trust Broad Shaggi to give him tit for tat as he refused to help him out; and when the councillor insisted, he had to call on his area boys to deflate the tyres of the politician.




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