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Atlanta Noo Taylor Biography: Age, Husband, Net Worth, Wikipedia, Height, Mother, Boyfriend, Wedding

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Atlanta Noo Taylor, also known as Atlanta de Cadenet Taylor, is a versatile American personality, celebrated for her endeavors as a designer, model, DJ, and advocate. She has made a name for herself in various industries and continues to inspire her followers through her I’m Over It podcast on popular culture. Let’s delve into the life and achievements of this remarkable individual.

  Atlanta Noo Taylor Early Life and Education:

Born on March 31, 1992, in the United States, Atlanta de Cadenet Taylor grew up in California. Her father, John Taylor, is a renowned British actor, producer, singer, and musician, while her mother, Amanda de Cadenet, is a media personality, photographer, and author. Atlanta’s grandfather, Alain de Cadenet, is a race car driver. After her parents’ divorce, her mother married Nick Valensi, and her father tied the knot with Gela Nash.

 Atlanta Noo Taylor Career:

Atlanta Noo Taylor has an impressive career that spans modeling and DJing. She has collaborated with various companies, including Heather Hazzan and H&M, and has a substantial following on Instagram, where she promotes her podcast shows and shares glimpses of her life. Additionally, she has ventured into acting, appearing in films like Palo Alto and The Strange Strangers. Notably, she featured in the comedy movie Elvis & Nixon and graced the cover of Glamour Pictorial.

 Atlanta Noo Taylor Personal Life:

In her personal life, Atlanta Noo Taylor is engaged to musician Dave, and they announced their engagement in October 2018. She has two siblings, Ella Valensi and Silvan Valensi, who are twins. In the past, she had a relationship with Mike Gittes.

 Atlanta Noo Taylor Net Worth:

With her success in modeling, DJing, and other ventures, Atlanta Noo Taylor has amassed a net worth of approximately $1 million.


Atlanta Noo Taylor has proven herself to be a multi-talented individual, excelling in various fields from modeling to podcast hosting and acting. With her engaging personality and advocacy work, she continues to leave a positive impact on her audience. As she ventures into new endeavors, her fans eagerly anticipate witnessing her future achievements. Follow Atlanta on her Instagram @atlantabean to stay updated on her journey.

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