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Arch Kelley III Biography: Age, Wife, Net Worth, Children, Wikipedia, Instagram, Nationality, Wedding, Birthday

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Arch Kelley III, born on March 23, 1931, in rural Dickson County, Tennessee, hails from a well-respected Christian family. His parents, Pearl Potts and Arch Kelley Sr., raised him alongside his two siblings, Lean and Claudia. After attending a local public school for his elementary education, Kelley’s journey into the business world began.

A shrewd and private entrepreneur, Arch Kelley III has achieved fame and wealth through various undisclosed ventures. Despite his success, he keeps the specifics of his business endeavors under wraps, leaving the public curious about the nature of his enterprises.

As of now, Arch Kelley III boasts a net worth of $2 million, earned through his own hard work and determination. His rise to fame can be attributed to his relationship with the renowned country music artist, Wynonna Ellen Judd.

In May 30, 1964, Arch Kelley III tied the knot with Wynonna in Ashland, Kentucky. Wynonna, a talented singer who began her professional career in 1983, fell in love with Kelley in 1993, leading them to start dating that same year. The couple welcomed their first child, Elijah, on December 23, 1994.

The love between Wynonna and Arch Kelley III grew stronger, and in 1995, they were blessed with another child, Grace Pauline, born on June 21, 1996. The couple eventually got married on January 21, 1996. However, their marriage faced challenges, and they decided to part ways in 1998, ending their union after just two years.

Despite the relatively short duration of their marriage, Arch Kelley III’s association with Wynonna Judd served as a stepping stone to his fame. Following their divorce, it remains uncertain whether he has chosen to enter into another marriage. Kelley’s journey from a humble upbringing in Tennessee to a successful businessman is a testament to his determination and entrepreneurial acumen.

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