Akwa Ibom commissioner secures bail for six convicts

Akwa Ibom commissioner secures bail for six convicts

Akwa Ibom commissioner secures bail for six convicts

Dr Ini Adiakpan, the Commissioner for Women Affairs and Social Development in Akwa Ibom State, has gained bail for six detainees from across the state’s three senatorial districts, according to the commissioner.

For minor offenses, the recipients were first offered N60,000 penalties, but they were unable to pay them and were held in jail for more than one year before being released.

According to a statement issued on Sunday by Ogbajie Ogbajie, the state prisons service’s public relations officer, the commissioner’s conduct was in fulfillment of a promise she made when she toured the state’s correctional facilities recently.

Ogbajie went on to say that individuals who were eligible for the gesture were convicts who had committed small and bailable offenses but did not have the financial means to pay the punishment in full.

He went on to say that the commissioner, while disbursing the fine, urged the recipients to avoid engaging in activities that would result in their return to the correctional facilities.

“Out of love for human development and rehabilitation, the Hon. Commissioner for Women Affairs and Social Welfare, Dr Ini Adiakpan, has facilitated the release from custody of some indigent inmates convicted of minor offences and were remanded in different custodial centres in the state.

“The act was in fulfilment of the promise she made during her visit to correctional centres in the state recently,’’ the statement read in part.

Several detainees, including Aniekan Samuel and Akaninyene Sampson, who were freed, said they had been found guilty of stealing garments but had been unable to pay the N60,0000 punishment imposed by the court.

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