Abba Kyari Exposes NDLEA Operatives, Who Aid In Pushing Cocaine Into Nigeria

Abba Kyari Exposes NDLEA Operatives, Who Aid In Pushing Cocaine Into Nigeria

Abba Kyari Exposes NDLEA Operatives, Who Aid In Pushing Cocaine Into Nigeria

Abba Kyari, a dismissed Deputy Commissioner of Police, has alleged NDLEA agents of helping drug smugglers in importing cocaine into the nation.

At the Federal High Court in Abuja, Abba Kyari is charged with eight counts of conspiracy, obstruction, and cocaine dealing, among other charges.

In an FHC/ABJ/CS/182/22 basic right enforcement lawsuit, the disgruntled cop alleged agency operatives of assisting drug pushers for a total of $500 million.

When Kyari went to seek recompense for a whistleblower who provided information that led to the arrest of a suspect, he claims he was implicated by an official of the agency.

In an affidavit submitted, Mamman Nur, the brother of the previous head of the IGP Intelligence Response Team, alleged that personnels of the NDLEA are fully aware of narcotics being transported into Nigeria from Ethiopia.

Kyari said:

“On that fateful day, the suspect as usual shipped drugs (cocaine) from Ethiopia to Enugu Airport. The officer of NDLEA cleared him within the airport, then the officer of FIB-IRT arrested the suspect with the help of information.

“That before the informant accepted to work with the officers of FIB-IRT, they both had an agreement to compensate the informant.

“That officers of FIB-IRT, having noticed that officers of NDLEA were the ones clearing the said suspect with his drugs (cocaine), they immediately took the suspect to NDLEA and also reported those officers involved in the act.

“That instead of the NDLEA to handle the matter accordingly and bring their officers involved to book, they decided to frustrate the informant, thereby refusing to compensate the informant.

“That it was at this juncture that the attention of the DCP Abba Kyari was called, who because the NDLEA officer involved is his friend, decided to intervene for the purpose of compensating the Informant.

“That the NDLEA officer who refused to compensate the informant was the one who framed DCP Abba Kyari up on a trump-up allegation that he was trying to bribe him.

“That the agent of the Respondent declared the Applicant wanted because of a mere allegation that he was trying to bribe an NDLEA officer without sufficient proof.

“That the Nigerian Police Force, based on the allegation of the Respondent arrested the Applicant on February 12, 2022, and handed over to the NDLEA.”

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