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18+: Leaked Nengi Se.x tape full video

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In this article we’ll be taking your mind back to one of Nigeria’s celebrity and BBnaija housemate Nengi se.x tape that took over the internet.

Celebrity life style is accompanied by so much scandal, while some unintentional, some are intentionally brought up to promote the celebrity involved, market a product or publicise a project.

Se.x tape scandal especially charracterise the nigeria movie and music industry.

The Se.x tape of BBNaija Lockdown housemate and Nigerian actress “Nengi” was leaked by her ex-boyfriend, who goes by the moniker “Naughty Kay”.

According to an unsubstantiated source, “Naughty Kay” posted the Se.x tape footage to his Twitter account, where it quickly went viral, with the caption: “Bitch ain’t grateful.”

 Watch Here

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