With The Help Of Davido, Wizkid, Burnaboy My Presidential Ambition Can Be Fulfilled – Dele Momodu

With The Help Of Davido, Wizkid, Burnaboy My Presidential Ambition Can Be Fulfilled

With The Help Of Davido, Wizkid, Burnaboy My Presidential Ambition Can Be Fulfilled

Nigeria’s present issues, according to renowned writer and publisher Chief Dele Momodu of Ovation Magazine International, are due to weak leadership.

Momodu, who was pleading with the Peoples Democratic Party, PDP, to let him run for president in 2023, claimed he has a high chance of becoming Nigeria’s next leader if prominent singers such as Davido, Wizkid, Burnaboy, and Olamide back him.

Momodu gave his consent on Channels TV Sunrise Daily on Thursday morning.

Momodu, in response to a query on why many Nigerian youngsters do not vote in general elections, said that the current generation has been raised to think that nothing positive can come from Nigeria.

He emphasized that teenagers were raised to mistrust politicians, resulting in an even greater divide between the elderly and new generations.

According to Momodu, top-rated singers have a significant following of youthful fans, who make up the majority of Nigeria’s voting population and can mobilize the voters to vote en masse for a candidate.

He said: “That is why I am begging PDP that they have a unique opportunity; you have a man who is not too old and who is not too young, with a global appeal. Don’t restrict yourselves to politicians.

“The younger population is the largest voting population. The reason why youths don’t go out to vote is that they cannot see any difference. If PDP presents a man or a woman who they feel is just one of them (politicians), they will just say ‘the devil we know is better than the one we don’t,’ so why not allow APC to carry on?

“We need to assure the young ones that we are very serious about changing Nigeria. My appeal to my young friends is that don’t give up.”

Momodu reiterated: “Imaging if a combination of Davido, Wizkid Burnaboy, Olamide, all of them, come together and say we throw our weight behind one candidate; a candidate who they know is not a career politician; a man who has accomplished so much in his private life, I can tell you he will go far.”

Nigeria, he claims, is not tough to rule.

Momodu said that he has been reaching out to unhappy factions in order to guarantee the country’s unity.

He urged state governors who are feuding to reconcile as soon as possible, saying that the current government’s direction in Nigeria is very hazardous.

We are very close to breaking up, it is just God that has kept us together.

“I am the only one reaching out to Sunday Igboho and Mazi Nnamdi Kanu, speaking to his lawyers while my co-contestants are gathering the delegates, thinking that they can buy them with money and hijack Nigeria for themselves and their cronies,” Momodu added.

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