Why I Removed My Son From Public School – El-Rufai

Why I Removed My Son From Public School – El-Rufai

Nasir El-Rufai, the governor of Kaduna state, has said that he withdrew his son from a public school because of threats of abduction.

The reason for his choice to register his kid in a public school is to demonstrate his faith in the Kaduna State education system, he said in an interview.

El-Rufai made the remarks on Thursday during the weekly ministerial briefing organized by the Presidential Communications Team at the State House in Abuja, which was attended by over 100 ministers.

According to him, his government has hired more people than it has fired in the last five years, and he further stated that 7,700 qualified secondary school teachers have been recruited and will be deployed once he has completed the process of purging secondary schools of underqualified teachers (see video below).

“We fired 22,000 teachers and hired 25,000. We have tested them recently, some of them have fallen back and failed. We are going to fire them and hire more people. We are determined to improve teacher quality because the teacher is education, it’s not the classroom.

“We all thought the thugs were going to primary schools. Now we have to get rid of some teachers in secondary schools as well. But we have hired about 7,700 secondary school teachers. They are just standing by for us to ease these ones out. And we have taken a decision as public officers to enrol our children in public schools.

“I took my child to public school because we want to show that we believe in the quality of public education which we all got and that I had to pull my son out because some people wanted to mount a special operation to kidnap him. I don’t think they will succeed, but it will put other children at risk.

“So I pulled him out. So he’s getting home-schooling until the situation improves,” the former FCT Minister explained.


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