Three Sitting Governors On Security Watchlist Over Plans To Destabilize Nigeria

Three Sitting Governors On Security Watchlist Over Plans To Destabilize Nigeria

Three Sitting Governors On Security Watchlist Over Plans To Destabilize Nigeria

Three incumbent governors in Nigeria have been put on a security watchlist as part of an alleged plot to provoke unrest and disrupt the country’s stability.

The three governors, are all nearing the end of their terms in office and are apparently plotting to start the bloodshed in the north.

Though the Governors’ exact identities have not been revealed, it is believed that one is from the North East, another from the North Central, and the third from the South-South.

According to a source monitored by Vanguard, the three governors plan to stage a huge demonstration similar to the 2020 #EndSARS movement, but larger, which might result in a change of administration at the national level.

This comes as the Department of State Services (DSS) has issued an alert, claiming that it has discovered preparations by certain criminal groups to target various Nigerian states, notably in the North Central.

The sponsors, according to the DSS, want to make it seem like an ethno-religious catastrophe and hold rallies similar to the #EndSARS campaign.

The DSS Public Relations Officer, Peter Afunanya, issued a statement on Saturday in Abuja that was made accessible to Naija News.

He went on to say that the strategy is to carry out the demonstration using students, striking University lecturers, labor unions, unhappy people, and other key groupings.

The secret police, on the other hand, said that it is keeping a close eye on their activities and would not hesitate to intervene if required.

According to rumors, the governors have begun gathering in secret places to refine their plans and methods for an insurrection.

Security agencies and agents have been put on high alert, according to a senior security source reported by Vanguard, to guarantee that the serving governors’ intentions to sow disruption do not materialize.

The source said: “It is for this reason that our agency and sister security organisations have placed the three governors under constant watch and we are going to monitor their activities to ensure that they do not plunge the nation into avoidable crisis.”

“We have also deployed our men to flashpoints to ensure that the country is not pushed into the precipice by malevolent politicians who have virtually come to the end of their tenure and do not care if the country burns or not,” the official added last night.

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