2023 Presidency: Saraki Declares Position On Zoning

2023 Presidency: Saraki Declares Position On Zoning

2023 Presidency: Saraki Declares Position On Zoning

Former Senate President Dr. Bukola Saraki has stated that zoning is a fine idea, but that shouldn’t be the main factor in choosing Nigeria’s next president.

He believes that there are individuals with the qualifications to tackle Nigeria’s issues who should be given the chance.

Dr. Saraki expressed his thoughts on the next presidential election in 2023 during a broadcast with Channels Television on Sunday.

He said:

“When you talk about zoning, yes, you must consider zoning but when we talk about zoning it can’t just be an issue of north/south because you cannot tell me that the southwest will say they are disenfranchised in the possibility of political office; neither can you say the south-south. But the reality is that the northeast north-central and southeast have not had Presidency or Vice Presidency. But what I’m saying is today, where the country is, with the challenges before the country, we must bring in other issues.”

Saraki used the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) as an example, saying that when picking a new national chairman, the party chose the person they thought was best, implying that individuals who can fix the country’s issues should not be left out due of zoning.

“We did it when we wanted to look for the National Chairman of our party. we went seeking for who we felt was the best that would help the party.

“There are people who can provide solutions to the problems of the country if you give them the opportunity,” 

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