Russia Restricts airlines from 36 countries

Russia Restricts airlines from 36 countries

Russia Restricts airlines from 36 countries

Russian President Vladimir Putin stated Monday that the country will prohibit flights by airlines from 36 nations, including the United Kingdom and Germany, in retaliation to a spate of restrictions on its jets.

Moscow’s declaration came as Russian airplanes were denied access to the airspace of the overwhelming majority of European nations, as well as Canada, as a result of the ban.

Jersey, which is a British colony, and Gibraltar, which is a British overseas territory, are among the countries on the list.

Russia’s civil aviation authority said it was bringing in the restrictions “as a retaliatory measure for the ban by European states on flights by civil aviation operated by Russian airlines or registered in Russia”.

Airlines will only be permitted to enter Russian airspace if they have obtained a special authorization from the government.

Russia banned UK airlines last week after the United Kingdom restricted Aeroflot, the nation’s flag carrier, as well as private planes from entering the country.

According to a statement released on Sunday, the European Union would close its airspace to Russian aircraft, including private planes, effective immediately.

As a result of these regulations, airlines will be forced to take lengthy diversions on certain routes, possibly increasing the cost of tickets.

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