PDP Will Win 2023 General Election, Governor Ortom Says

Benue State Governor Ortom of The people Democratic has revealed;, stating; the opposition party (PDP) will emerges as the winner of the general election (2023).

The Governor states; that PDP has learnt a lot from its numerous and pervious mistakes, he also added; stating that; members of the party have zero issue with zoning.

Governor Ortom, expresses this statement, in its state’s capital ‘Makurdi”, as he expresses extreme confidence on the opposition party winning in the General elections.

According to his opinion; PDP is fit and in a ever ready position to compete for power, in the general elections with the ruling party APC.

He said;

“Nobody should deceive you that PDP is polarised. We are working together as a party.

“We met and agreed that the positions which are currently in the North should go to the South, while those in the South should go to the North.

“This is the resolution of the Zoning Committee and it is graciously accepted at the national level.

“Nobody has begrudged the decision. It is widely accepted by all PDP members.”

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