Northerners are not Parasites – NCM

The Northern Consensus Movement has stated that Northern Nigeria is the economic heart of Nigeria adding that Northerners are not parasites.

Auwwal Abdullahi Aliyu, leader of the group, made these comments in a press conference on Saturday monitored by POLITICS NIGERIAAccording to him, the discovery of Oil in Nigerian was achieved with ‘Northern sweat’.

In his words; “We, the northerners are the economic heart of Nigeria and nobody can address us as parasites. We are the economic heart of Nigeria. The oil that is so being bursted on today was discovered, harnessed and the refineries were constructed with Northern Nigerian sweat, with the Northern Nigerian economy, with the Northern Nigerian money.”

“The money of groundnut pyramids and cotton was the one that was used to research, discover and build the refineries that some other part of Nigeria are claiming to be their own personal property.”

“Our money was the money that was used to develop the oil. Those that got early education from the South-South, South-West and South-East got those education from the Northern economy, from our own money from the Northern sweat”.

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