North Korean Soldiers smashed bricks in extreme martial arts training

North Korean soldiers have bricks and wooden planks broken over their heads in show of strength watched by dictator Kim

Kim Jong Un was seen smiling as he watched North Korean soldiers break bricks with their bare hands during a brutal training exercise in Pyongyang on Monday.

The North Korean leader, 37, seemed to enjoy the extreme martial arts performance which saw soilders endure beatings from long poles, smash blocks and wooden planks over their heads, and lie on shards of broken glass.

A video of the display shows one soldier lying on a bed of nails balancing a thick concrete block on his chest, before another soldier smashes it with a hammer.

The clip shows the North Korean dictator clapping and grinning as he sat in the stands next to his sister Kim Yo Jong as well as rows of senior North Korean military officers.

In a show of strength, the soldiers lined up to break concrete blocks with two leaping into the air to smash them with their feet. However, one ran straight into the blocks, breaking them with his face, to a loud applause.

Another bizzare exercise saw one shirtless soldier brace himself as he was hit with multiple blows from other soldier’s beating him with long poles.

The dangerous display continued to more extremes, with soldiers laying their bare arms on top of piles of bricks, with other soldiers swinging hammers down on top – smashing the bricks underneath but apparantly leaving their arms unscathed.

For the grand finale, a soldier smashed two glass bottles together before lying down on top of the broken glass as two soilders place a concrete block on his chest and smash it with a hammer.

In the footage aired by state broadcaster KCTV, newsreader Ri Chun-hee, said: ‘These soldiers, embraced and raised by our party, have demonstrated to the whole world the strength, bravery and morale of the Korean People’s Army.’

The display was part of the opening ceremony for a defence exhibition this week which saw the dictator show off North Korea’s latest weaponry including the Hwasong-8 hypersonic missile it allegedly tested last month which allegedly has nuclear capabilities.

Photos from the exhibition show Kim walking on a red carpet lined with big missiles mounted on trucks.

Also on display were an intercontinental ballistic missiles and a new long-range cruise missile, and US intelligence agencies said they are already analysing the equipment.

North Korean Soldiers

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