Nnamdi Kanu Isn’t The IPOB Leader Anymore – Ekpa

Nnamdi Kanu Isn't The IPOB Leader Anymore - Ekpa

Nnamdi Kanu Isn’t The IPOB Leader Anymore – Ekpa

Simon Ekpa, a self-proclaimed devotee of Indigenous people of biafra (IPOB) leader Nnamdi Kanu, has stated that the activist is no longer in charge of the organisation.

He said that the activist had been deposed as the group’s head and Sofia Chinyere Kalu had taken his position.

In response to reports that Kanu had not been dismissed as IPOB’s leader, he declared this on Twitter on Thursday.

In a tweet, Ekpa wrote: “It is a shame that those who claim to be fighting for Biafra, after removing Mazi Nnamdi Kanu from being the leader of IPOB, can publicly and shamelessly debunk the news, even when it is obtainable online that Mazi Nnamdi Kanu is not the leader but Sofia Kalu.

“Disregard those claiming that MNK was not removed as the leader of IPOB. The fact is that they removed him, we busted and exposed them and till now MNK is not the leader, rather a corporate director of IPOB worldwide, CIC. We will explain this in a few minutes during the live broadcast.”

He Tweeted.


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