Nigeria Isn’t Yet A Nation – Obasanjo

Nigeria Isn't Yet A Nation - Obasanjo

Nigeria Isn’t Yet A Nation – Obasanjo

Former President of Nigeria, Chief Olusegun Obasanjo, has stated that Nigeria would not be able to grow at the right level unless it transitions from being merely a country to being a nation.

He stated that in order for Nigeria to progress, everyone must perceive themselves as a part of the initiative.

Chief Obasanjo made the comment on Wednesday while participating at the Vision Africa Radio Umuahia, Abia State, 2021/2022 School Debate Price Presentation.

He stated that Nigeria must progress beyond the status of a country and attend nationhood.

He said:

”One of the things we need to achieve is nation-building. We have not built a nation yet.

”We have a country but we need to build it into a nation”.

” We can’t make it unless we have equity and equality, and everybody has a stake in the project called Nigeria.

” Any family, state or country without equity and equality won’t have stability and can never have success”,

He also urged the students who participated in the debat e contest to maintain honing their communication abilities, since this is a vital component of being a successful leader.

”You won’t go far in life if you can’t communicate very well. If you are a poor communicator, you will be a poor achiever”.

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