Man cries out as Shawarma in Ibadan is causing prolong erection

A doctor on twitter with the name The Bearded_Dr_Sina has called for food inspection agents to investigate the Shawarma that is sold in Ibadan that’s causing prolong erection in men, according to him two cases have already been reported:

This Shawarma causing prolong erection thing needs to be looked into

Another man just called in that he is having erections after eating Shawarma that’s not going down for 1 hour.
What are Shawarma sellers putting inside?

2 cases of Prolonged erection after eating Shawarma in 24 hours

Please who has a link to any food inspection agency

it will be good for them to investigate what is in the content of some road side shawarma in Ibadan

If food vendors are lacing food with drugs or sex enhancement pills. that is illegal
this needs to be investigated.

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