LASU management warns against transacting with cloned online platforms

LASU management warns against transacting with cloned online platforms

The attention of the university management has been drawn to the persistent proliferation of online platforms – websites and blogs-bearing names unscrupulously cloned after the university’s intent on baiting unsuspecting clients of the university to transact with the operators for monetary gains.

Such platforms would usually have “LASU” as a component of their names.

The university management wishes to advise clients of the university – prospective students, their parents, students, alumni, partner bodies, and the general public – to be wary of transacting any official business with such platforms.

For the records, the university website is and it is on this and the official social media pages that the most accurate information official processes are obtained.

For the avoidance of doubt, the official social media platforms of the university are as follows:

Facebook: Instagram: https://www.instagram. com/invites/contact/?i=1sbbrgmutopc5&utm_content=h7qp1g W


LinkedIn: university-ojo

Youtube: wrAfHCGemNTbOyw/videos

All concerned are therefore advised to verify all information relating to the University on this platform before taking any action.

We are LASU, we are great.


Ademola Adekoya

Coordinator, Centre for Information Press and Public Relations Lagos State University

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