I Pray Buhari Doesn’t Pick Bola Tinubu As Successor – Bode George

I Pray Buhari Doesn’t Pick Bola Tinubu As Successor – Bode George

President Muhammadu Buhari has been advised not to choose Bola Tinubu as his successor by elder statesman and former Vice Chairman of the Peoples Democratic Party, Chief Bode George.

A Bola Tinubu presidency, according to George, would be devastating for the nation.

He told The PUNCH that the PDP is working hard in Lagos State to unseat the governing All Progressives Congress.

Olabode George, when asked whether he believes Buhari would pass up power to Tinubu in 2023, said:

That is between them but I pray that God will go into his (Buhari’s) mind so that that kind of character doesn’t go near government. We know what the outcome is from Lagos.”

Tinubu is also accused by the former military commander of siphoning off Lagos State resources for himself, his family, and associates.

Go around Ikoyi, go around Lekki and you see the amount of government land he has to himself. Who owns the LCC and collects tolls? His son handles the billboards of Lagos. Do you know what that means? What the heck is this? He spent only eight years in office; book at the humongous amount of pension he arranged for himself,” he said.

Olabode George stated he served in the military for almost 20 years and received a monthly pension of about N200,000 as a general.

He said:

Tinubu has one massive house in Lagos and one massive house in Abuja and every four years, they must change his bulletproof cars for him.

“For doing what? So many things that he has turned in, there would be a day of reckoning and all those babas who were with him and who pretended they didn’t know, all of them will face the power of the people to ask them questions.

“I am talking because I am a Lagosian and I have no other place to go to. This is my heritage, my hometown, this is where I went to school and this is my family tie.”


I Pray Buhari Doesn’t Pick Bola Tinubu As Successor – Bode George

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