How My Abductors Negotiated On Trading My Organs – Victim

How My Abductors Negotiated On Trading My Organs - Victim

How My Abductors Negotiated On Trading My Organs – Victim

A kidnap victim in Rivers State has expressed worry about how kidnappers specialize in kidnapping individuals and harvesting their internal organs for sale.

The victim, who talked to Punch on the condition of anonymity, was liberated from the kidnapper’s hideout in Woji, near Port Harcourt.

The victim stated that he was abducted by an armed guy while trying to drop off a buddy near Woji in the Obio/Akpor Local Government Area of Rivers State.

He revealed that his kidnappers brought him to Sambisa Forest in Oyigbo, on the outskirts of Port Harcourt.

He further claimed that he overheard his kidnappers negotiating the price of his internal organs while he was in the kidnapper’s den.

The victim said:

I was there with them for about four days. They beat and stabbed me. They got access to my mobile telephone and my account.

“They forced me to insert my ATM card into their Point of Sale machine and collected all the money in my account. After three days, my brother sent N50,000 to my account. They collected it after so much torture.

“I was there when they were calling a fellow and haggling my kidney, my liver, neck and everything.

“It was just one of them who said I’m too young to die. At the end of the day, God intervened in my case.”

He encouraged individuals not to keep track of their financial activities on their phones.

He also recommends that drivers who are traveling at night crank up their windows.

The survivor added: “Part of the advice I will give to people in Port Harcourt is that if you are driving at night and you have an air-conditioned car, ensure you wind up and lock the doors.

“Secondly, everything concerning bank transactions, such as alert messages from banks, make sure that you don’t leave them on your phone.

“That is one of the sources where they can trace your finances and get access to your accounts. My car is still with them as I speak with you.

“I have reported the case to the police kidnapping unit, but till now the police have not given me any information about my car.”

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