Housewife Discloses How She Got Pregnant For Her Son

Housewife Discloses How She Got Pregnant For Her Son

A lady from Nasarawa State has spoken out about her uncomfortable experience after having s*xual relations with her teenage son.

According to her confession, the lady, whose name is provided as Matina Agawua, told media that she felt bad and embarrassed of herself after persuading her only kid to sleep with her for the first time.

Matina Agawua, a resident of Yelwata, a hamlet in Nasarawa, has been trying to conceive for her husband for the last six years, but has been unsuccessful thus far.

Agawua claims that she divorced her first husband many years ago and has chosen to be a widow for the last 13 years.

However, after some time had passed, she changed her mind, which resulted in her second marriage, which has now been in existence for six years.

Agawua bemoaned the fact that she had been unable to conceive while in the marriage and said that she had received a series of threats from her in-laws, who had vowed to show her the way out of the marriage.

“We had been married for more than six years but were still childless due to my husband’s fault, according to doctor’s report, and I was hearing from the grapevine that he was planning to take a second wife on the grounds that I could not give him a child.”

Agawua went on to say that she became frustrated and decided to take a fertility test, which revealed that she was in fact healthy and could have children.

The woman we spoke to said that she had a kid in her previous relationship but was unable to get pregnant in her current marriage, as reported by our source.

According to her, despite the fact that all tests had shown that she was pregnant and that there was nothing wrong with her, her husband did not believe it essential to have her undergo a medical examination to determine the root of the issue.

She said that she felt her husband was suffering from a low sperm count, which prevented him from being able to father a kid, despite the fact that a test she had taken revealed that she was in perfect health.

However, as the mocking and threats increased, Agawua decided to sleep with her lone son from her previous marriage in order to establish her fertility.

In her own words, she had a hidden relationship with her son, and she had persuaded him to have s*xual relations with her.

She said: “Since he is not comfortable with us going for medical checkup on the assumption that nothing was wrong with him, I decided to convince my little son, who is just about 16 years old and schooling in Akwanga

“I visited him regularly. He stays in a private apartment with my relatives, so I was going there to spend some time with them, especially on weekends when my market is off.

“It was making love with my son, but circumstances forced me to go into it. I needed to be sure of my fertility.

“I know my husband very well. If he discovered I had an affair with a man outside, he would kill me.

She stressed further that she loves her husband and hence was afraid he may kill if he gets to know about the pregnancy.

“I tried to visit my son in Akwanga mostly when I was on my ovulation period. I decided to develop a crush on him and draw him very close to me. We got intimate and ended up having s*x.

“One faithful day while I was on my ovulation period, I visited him. It was at about 11 pm. I held his hand and made him sit beside me.

“I asked him if he had ever had s3x and he said no. I held him in my arms. This time, I felt warm and I think he too did. After that night, I felt extremely embarrassed, and guilty that I committed such an abomination with my son.

“It was a taboo, but I warned him to keep it secret.”

Agawua admitted she was aware that her actions were wrong and had betrayed her husband.

She, however, saw it as a lesser evil than going outside.

Now the man is even threatening to kill my son for impregnating me, so I had to move my son out of Akwanga and take him somewhere else to save his life. This is more so because I was the one who put him into the whole mess. I have to protect him,” she said.

Meanwhile, her husband has insisted he would not accept a pregnancy that is not his.

Agawua said she fears her husband may kill her and has left the house for him after all.

However, she says she intends to engage a lawyer to fight for the house since she contributed a larger share in building it.

“I will engage a lawyer if my husband tries to do anything funny. He should not take me for granted as I’m prepared for him.

He can’t father a child. His sperm count is very low and he is not ready to address it. What does he want me to do?”.

She added that she will not abort the baby she made with her son.

She said: “I won’t abort it. Rather, I will allow it and deliver my baby. I have been looking for it for a long, so I won’t let it go. It belongs to my son.

“I have decided to keep it because it is blood within my blood. I will keep it. All I want is that since the marriage didn’t work, we should sell the house, share the proceeds and everyone will go his way.”

Mr James is said to have lamented the situation saying how can his wife allow her son to impregnate her and try to foist it on him?

How would she do that? That is my anger,” he said.

“But if she is ready to go, let her go. We built the house together and whatever she wants, I don’t have an issue with that.”

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