FG Rejects Terrorists’ Demand For Their Commanders’ Release

FG Rejects Terrorists' Demand For Their Commanders' Release

FG Rejects Terrorists’ Demand For Their Commanders’ Release

The Nigerian federal government is not prepared to accept the demands of bandit terrorists who attacked the Abuja-Kaduna train on March 28 and killed dozens of people.

While it has been established that the government has begun negotiations with the terrorists on how to secure the release of victims who were kidnapped during the attack, new information on the negotiations indicates that some of the terms offered by the abductors are not acceptable to the government, according to the latest information.

It should be noted that the terrorists, in a viral video, threatened the Nigerian government, saying that if the government did not comply, they would murder the kidnapped victims while they were in their possession.

According to the terrorists’ warning in the video, if the government does not comply with their requests, they would “transform their residence into an abattoir.”

Despite the fact that they were unable to specify what they wanted, the terrorists revealed that they were not wanting money and that the government already knew what they desired and should act quickly to satisfy their demands.

Earlier this week, the terrorists released a new video in which some of the prisoners can be heard pleading with the authorities to come to their aid.

Later on, however, it is believed that the terrorists explicitly sought the release of 16 key commanders and sponsors who were being held in government prison centers in return for the release of the abducted individuals.

However, sources have verified that this demand is not acceptable to the government, and it is believed that the government’s reluctance has put a halt to discussions for the release of the victims at a standstill.

In addition, the government is not willing to pay a ransom for the victims.

A source quoted by Punch said:

“The Federal Government is looking into their demands because of the hostages, but the government is being cautious; it cannot meet the demands of the terrorists. The last time the government released some commanders, they went back and the insurgency became worse.

“So, nobody is considering releasing the commanders. The terrorists were also given money previously and the situation did not improve.”

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