El Rufai Vows To Sack More Unqualified Teachers

El Rufai Vows To Sack More Unqualified Teachers

According to Governor Nasir El-Rufai, his government would dismiss more underqualified secondary school teachers throughout Kaduna State in the next academic year.

While saying this, he expressed concern that some secondary school instructors only had elementary school diplomas, despite the fact that they are employed at public secondary schools.

On Thursday morning, at the weekly ministerial briefing organized by the Presidential media team, El-Rufai said as much.

He stated that his administration has employed more workers than it has fired in the previous five years, a trend that has continued.

“We have hired over 40,000 civil servants in the last five years, most of them being nurses, midwives and teachers,” He Said.

The minister said that 7,700 competent secondary school teachers had been hired and would be deployed after he had finished cleansing secondary schools of underqualified instructors, which was the time of the briefing.

The former Minister of the Federal Capital Territory (FCT) indicated that his overriding objective is to increase the caliber of public schools in Kaduna to a level that he can be confident in sending his kid to.

But he confessed that, despite the fact that his son was enrolled in a public school, he had switched to homeschooling because of threats of abduction, which may put other children in danger as well.

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