Controversies as Lovers Lifeless Body was Found In A car in Ogun

Controversies as Lovers Lifeless Body was Found In A car in Ogun

Controversies as Lovers Lifeless Body was Found In A car in Ogun

The death of two alleged lovers in a car on the Lagos-Ibadan Expressway on Wednesday has sparked widespread outrage.

Witnesses report that the lovers perished died while having sex in the backseat of a Toyota Sienna car at the NASFAT intersection on the Mowe-Ibafo axis of the road. But the allegation was rejected by the authorities.

When our reporter arrived at the scene of the event on Wednesday, the bodies of the lovers sparked a flurry of activity on the road.

This is due to the fact that several passersby were seen snapping photographs and videotaping the scene of the occurrence.

According to gathered reports, when the vehicle stayed in the same location for two days, people became suspicious.

It was discovered that the a construction helmet had been put on the dashboard of the Toyota Sienna with license plate Lagos – LSD 992HH, which was driven by the deceased.

In a viral video, a man was heard saying:

“This car has been parked for two days. If you know the owner of the vehicle, please contact Mowe-Ibafo police station.”

He did, however, clarify that the alleged lovers did not die while having sexual relations, as had been hypothesized.

According to him, the guy, who went by the name of Akeem, had been reported to the Ilaje Police Division in Lagos State for allegedly assaulting a woman.

Oyeyemi said:

“They did not die while having sex. The man had earlier been reported at Ilaje police station in Lagos. He was reported for hitting an object on his lover’s head.

“When the lady became unconscious, the man put her in his car and drove off. He reportedly took snipper on their way to Ogun State and they were both found dead around NASFAT. Investigation is ongoing to ascertain the cause of the death.”

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