Blames On Buhari Govt, As Asuu Discloses When Strike Will Be Over

Blames On Buhari Govt, As Asuu Discloses When Strike Will Be Over

Blames On Buhari Govt, As Asuu Discloses When Strike Will Be Over

Dr Edor J. Edor, the UNICAL branch chairman of the Academic Staff Union of Universities, has lambasted the Muhammadu Buhari-led administration for claiming that it lacks the financial resources to satisfy the demands of the Academic Staff Union of Universities (ASUU).

Such a remark, according to the ASUU Chairman, was a lie from the bowels of hell.

Remember how the Minister of Labour, Chris Ngige, said that the government lacked the financial means to satisfy some of ASUU’s demands?

According to the Minister, the N1.3 trillion revitalization fund demanded by ASUU is a commitment given to the union by former President Goodluck Jonathan.

According to sources, ASUU announced its one-month warning strike on February 14, citing the Federal Government’s tardiness in executing their agreement as the reason for the move.

Salary difficulties, a university revitalization fund, and the use of the University Transparency Accountability Solution (UTAS) payroll software are all included by the agreement.

Edor told the Daily Post that the strike will cease only if the Buhari government satisfies their demands, which include the revitalization fund.

He claimed that when it comes to education, the federal government is recognized for its insincerity and lack of response.

“It is a categorical falsehood and a lie from the pit of hell for a government official to say in good conscience that the Federal Government had no money to attend to issues that pertain to education as being demanded by our union,” he said.

“It’s a lie and even the government official knows that it’s a lie. Elections are coming up, whatever INEC would demand to conduct such elections, the Federal Government would have the money, and that is because it concerns them, and it’s because that is the medium and platform they would use to go back to their various offices to feast on the resources of this country.

“But when it comes to education, they begin to dilly-dally, to trump up sentiments and tell Nigerians lies that the Federal Government has no money to attend to the demands of ASUU.

“It’s a lie from the pit of hell, but we too will wait for them until they have the money to attend to our demands. We will wait until they get the money to revitalize public institutions, improve our salaries, pay our EAA, pay our promotion arrears, implement the EUTA, pay our withheld salaries, then we will go back to the classroom.

“For as long as they latch unto that falsehood that there is no money, then for so long shall we remain on strike.”

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