75 Kidnapped Victims In Zamfara Regains Freedom

75 Kidnapped Victims In Zamfara Regains Freedom

75 Kidnapped Victims In Zamfara Regains Freedom

Seventy-five individuals abducted from Yar Katsina hamlet in Bungudu Local Government Area of Zamfara State have been freed by bandit terrorists.

The victims were taken by bandits during two major raids on the village in February and March.

It was also discovered that 61 citizens had been kidnapped before, with the bandits returning a month later to take 15 more individuals.

A resident in the region called Sadiq told Daily Trust that the victims’ families paid N4 million in ransom before they were freed.

The liberated victims have already been reunited with their family, according to Sadiq.

He did reveal, though, that a six-year-old girl named Ummi was detained and adopted by the militants.

He said: “The armed men, however, held a six-year-old girl identified as Ummi and told her parents that they had adopted her because they like her.

“The parents were not among those kidnapped.

“One of them said he had not born any child in his life as such he would adopt the girl. She has become his daughter as he promised to take good care of her. The girl is still with them.

“The residents had to pay N4 million before the victims were released. The freed victims have already reunited with their families. Part of the conditions the criminals gave was that the vigilantes must disarm.”

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