2023: There Is No Igbo Man Contesting For Presidency – Uwazuruike

2023: There Is No Igbo Man Contesting For Presidency – Uwazuruike

2023: There Is No Igbo Man Contesting For Presidency – Uwazuruike

Ralph Uwazuruike, the leader of the Movement for the Actualisation of the Sovereign State of Biafra (MASSOB), declared on Sunday that he has yet to see a genuine presidential contender from the region.

Many of the region’s presidential hopefuls, according to Uwazuruike, want to run as Vice Presidential candidates.

Uwazuruike said this in response to criticism of his choice to endorse Kogi State Governor Yahaya Bello’s presidential bid.

He said that as a Nigerian and an adult, he has the basic right to support anybody he wants.

Uwazuruike said:

No Igbo man is contesting for the presidency. All these people you are seeing are pretenders. They can’t come to me because they know that I know them. No Igbo man. I repeat am contesting for the president. Let them swear, all of them, that they are not going to the North to lobby for vice president.

“People have called me from the North telling me that all those clamouring to be president are the ones seeking to be vice presidents. I laughed because I know them. None of these people you are supporting today is serious. They are all looking for vice president; all of them, from A to Z, I challenge them. They are pretenders. They can fool you but they can’t fool me.”

Uwazuruike while reacting to the claim that he was summoned to Abuja for supporting Bello, he said, “This story that I was summoned to Abuja to come and defend myself over my support for somebody is a ruse.

“There is nothing like. To start with, what I did was my fundamental right to support who I want to support. During the election, I can vote for anybody. So nobody can summon me to come and explain why I am supporting anybody because that same person has somebody he is also supporting. I am surprised that it’s even those at the forefront of the Biafran struggle are those carrying the Nigerian politics in their heads. So nobody summoned me and in fact, nobody can summon me in the first place.”

He also said that, despite his desire for Biafra’s actualization, he is not opposed to a 2023 election.

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